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Guangzhou lanzheng marina engineering co., LTD. Is one of the leading builders of marina and pontoon bridge in China.Since its establishment, we are committed to the construction of quality dock projects, relying on professional design and fine materials to return the trust and support of customers.

Lanzheng has a number of cooperation factories, professional processing aluminum alloy, PE floating box, WPC synthetic wood, rubber fender, stainless steel products.At the same time in Hong Kong, dubai, opened a branch, and dealers all over the world have close and cooperative relations.

Lanzheng marina engineering co., LTD. Main construction scope: concrete pontoon bridge, aluminum alloy pontoon bridge, steel structure pontoon bridge, floating breakwater, water housing and other projects.The purpose of lanzheng brand is to use high-quality materials and scientific design to save buyer’s energy, at the same time  obtain high-quality dock products.

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Enterprise Culture

The whole enterprise agrees with the common values, simple and optimistic life and harmonious working sttitude, and there is no communication barrier between our managers and employees.

Management Ideas

1.Respect: adhere to the “people-oriented”, respect the team’s products of labour.

2.Value:the ultimate goal of us is constanttly producing value for our customers.

3.Honest: keeping promises

We believe that our company and customers can achieve mutual success .For us, to serve good customers will also make us better. Only by building stronger ties ,so that will bring value to each other.t

Our Clients

Hyundai Group
one°15 marina
Vanke Group
Shenzhen Bay Marina Club
Shandong BHTG
Beijing Landsky Group

Our Factory

we have oyr own joint venture aluminum alloy processing factory, with high productivity  of aluminum alloy floating bridge and connecting bridge capacity.Moreover, we have established strong partnership with many factories and enterprises to ensure timely and quality completion of engineering projects.

We recommend standardized drawings and construction plans to reduce production costs and improve efficiency.Make customers benefit from excellent service and good price.