Main structure composition of marina

The floating bridge is mainly classified into aluminum alloy floating bridge, steel structure floating bridge and concrete floating bridge.

1.Steel structure floating bridge

The advantages of steel structure floating bridge are higher strength than aluminum alloy floating bridge. The disadvantages are poor corrosion resistance, especially in seawater environment.The most commonly used anti-corrosion measure is galvanizing treatment.

2.Aluminum alloy floating bridge

Aluminum alloy structure floating bridge has the advantage of good corrosion resistance, and the aluminum oxide protective layer formed on the surface of aluminum alloy can effectively prevent corrosion.The disadvantage is that the aluminum alloy material is slightly lower than the steel structure stiffness.

3.Concrete floating bridge

The advantage of the concrete pontoon bridge is its long life, which is more than 50 years in good maintenance.High intensity, strong ability to withstand under strong wind,big waves and ship impact.The disadvantage is that it is difficult to repair after damage, and the cost is higher than aluminum alloy structure and steel structure.

Aluminum alloy linking bridge

The main function of the linking bridge is to connect the floating bridge with the shore.