alumium gangway or ramp

The  gangway whose main function is to connect the shore with the floating bridge. Our company mainly USES aluminum alloy as the main structure of the floating bridge, which can be paved with plastic wood or aluminum alloy pattern board as the bridge deck.The advantage of aluminum alloy gangway is that the structure weight is relatively light, can be less impact on the floating bridge.Under the same circumstances have Larger carrying capacity, can bear more pedestrians.

Our company has made big gangway cases with the longest length of 32 meters and the longest width of 8m respectively.we  has powerful technical capacity.Generally longer than 30 meters, except for special purposes, generally need to be solved through a specially design.

Pedestrian Aluminum Bridge

Small aluminium bridges are mainly used to provide simple methods for cross ing  small rivers and creeks, which can be used for river surge management. The advantage of the aluminum alloy bridge is that it is light and easy to install. Good corrosion resistance and maintenance-free. Basically after installation, maintenance is not required unless the structure is badly damaged.