pontoon fittings

The main composition of a pontoon bridge is to provide buoyancy parts, structural frames, panels and fixed structures.Especially the  concrete pontoon  body provide buoyancy and serve as a pontoon frame.

Buoyancy Box/Floating Box

The floating box is made of HDPE (high density polyethylene), filled with high density  foam as the support, and filled with concrete as the counterweight.


Mooring of marina mostly make of  stainless steel and aluminum alloy.

Rubber Fenders

Rubber fenders are mainly used for collision prevention, protecting ships and docks.

Mooring Plie

The main function of the mooring pile is to fix the floating bridge.

Anchor Block

Underwater fixing facilities for pontoon. The pontoon is fixed in the correct place by anchor chains or tension springs.

Wooden Floor


Wood panels are mainly plastic wood(WPC) and hardwood. Plastic wood panels are the mainstream of pontoon bridges, and their advantages are cheap and easy to maintain.